On the Day of the Brilliant Failure, 7 december 2017, reached Erik Gerritsen, General Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and ambassador of The Institute of Brilliant Failures, the Brilliant Failures Award Care 2017 public award to Bart Knols with the case 'Eradication of yellow fever mosquito'. A jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Paul Louis Iske chose the case Kwikzilver, van Neel Schouten as the winner out of eight nominees
cases. The prize is named after the Institute and stands for learning and sharing projects that do not go as expected.

The audience award was won by Bart Knols with his case “Once and for all”: the eradication of the yellow fever mosquito in Aruba”: A project to eradicate the yellow fever mosquito in Aruba that did not get off the ground. An important lesson for Bart Knols was that what is a priority for you does not always have to be a priority for others, no matter how relevant your priority is. Insufficient support and political play resulted in a shortage of financial resources for the implementation of the project.

The jury's first prize went to the case 'Client-oriented care in mental health care asks for Mercury'. GGZ in Geest Amsterdam failed to implement valuable insights and findings from the successful Kwik Zilver testing ground. Result: a lot of knowledge gained, which unfortunately nothing has been done. As a result, the intended turnaround to achieve more client-oriented care has not been achieved. This year's jury consisted of: Cora Postema (experience expert, Ministry of Life), Cathy van Beek (Radboud UMC), Henk Smid (director ZonMW), Bas Bloem (Parkinson Center Nijmegen), Edwin Bas (GfK), Gelle Klein Ikkink (VWS Ministry), Michael Rutgers (Longfonds), Mathieu Weggeman (Eindhoven University of Technology), Henk Nies (Vilans) and chairman Paul Iske (The Institute for Brilliant Failures).

It is the fourth time that this care award has been presented. By presenting the award, the Institute for Brilliant Failures, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, GfK, Vilans, Federation of Medical Specialists and ZonMw contribute to the innovation climate within the sector. “Next year we will also continue to build on a learning- and knowledge environment around brilliant failures: to encourage people to share even more lessons and actually put them into practice” says Paul Iske.

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