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Smart and Fun Buffalo

Much knowledge remains untapped. That has several causes, of which unfamiliarity with what has been done and learned elsewhere and/or in the past is one of the most important. The Institute for Brilliant Failures would like to make knowledge visible and 'liquid'. It starts with making people aware of the importance of sharing their knowledge, but also of seeking knowledge of others. There belongs a suitable (online) learning environment at, where people can share the most relevant aspects of their experiences in a fun and easy way, but in which it is also attractive to seek out the knowledge of others. We designed the BriMis learning environment based on our philosophy: Smart and Fun Buffalo (SLB).

The Brilliant Failures archetypes and double-loop learning: learning from others through pattern recognition

The archetypes of the Institute of Brilliant Failures are the foundation for BriMis. These are failure patterns or learning moments that transcend a specific experience and apply to many other innovation projects as well. By linking learning experiences to the archetypes, we enable double-loop learning: being able to apply knowledge acquired in one context in another context. We find those learning moments in all projects, even when success has indeed been achieved. Because what project is going on without a bit of setback or (partly) a different approach had to be chosen? Even the most successful projects have moments when things could have gone wrong, but by the right decisions or a dose of luck, the way forward could be walked. We sometimes say: ‘A success is a missed failure.’ So BriMis is suitable for learning (brilliant) failures and of (brilliant) successes!

How does BriMis work?

BriMis helps to learn at every stage in your own projects projecten. This way you get an idea in advance of what could go wrong (learning before), which gives you a conversation tool that enables you to find causes of possible failure in advance, to discuss and address. During projects you identify what goes wrong, what is the underlying cause (the failure pattern) is and you decide what you can do about it (learning while). In addition, the lessons of others in BriMis can help you continue as quickly and as well as possible. That's what we call Forward Failing. After a project, BriMis helps analyze what went wrong or what could have gone wrong (learning after).

The system helps with this with short tests in six different learning areas in which we identify the sixteen failure patterns, archetypes, have subdivided. After a short test, the system will indicate which archetypes are most likely relevant to your project. You then explain yourself why this archetype is indeed relevant and what lesson can be learned from it. BriMis helps you to analyze your project and present the lessons to others in an accessible way.

In addition to the lessons from users, BriMis presents relevant tips and tools for you (tools or working methods) to avoid unnecessary failures in the future.

Far too often the most valuable learning experiences get stuck in the head and extensive reports end up in a so-called databasement: a basement where potentially valuable information disappears never to see the light of day again.

BriMis focuses specifically on the learning processes, more than at the highest possible knowledge density. Users find the knowledge relevant to them with minimal effort, presented in an accessible way manier, including short videos in which people share their ideas, enthusiasm, explain results and lessons personally.

BriMis for care

As part of the program 'The Care as an Evolving System', the Institute for Brilliant Failures has made a separate version of BriMis to also include SLB (Smart and Fun Buffalo) in healthcare support. The overall goal of this program is positive framing of people, organizations and activities that aspire to make healthcare better and more affordable. The ability to learn plays an important role in this. Learning with and from each other! Accepting and learning from Brilliant Failures is an integral part of that. BriMis is valuable because it makes knowledge visible and allows it to flow between people, projects and organizations. In BriMis you can find the projects that have been nominated for the Brilliant Failures Award Care, but the system can also be used for other projects in the healthcare domain.

Brimis for organizations

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