Brilliant Failure Awards

Brilliant Failures Award in Your Industry

The Institute of Brilliant Failures organizes an award every year for the best Brilliant Failure of the year. We previously focused on the Development Cooperation sector for several years in a row, We have been presenting the Brilliant Failure Award in the Healthcare Sector for nine years now. here is a link to information about the Care Award. And in 2023 follows for the second time Award AI Coalition Public Services. New sectors are welcome! We cordially invite you to, Explore the opportunity to host a Brilliant Failure award in your industry.

Participation in the Award

Entrants within your industry have a chance to get the best Brilliant Bust of the year, your learned knowledge is shared with others in the industry, so that this acquired knowledge is not lost and shows that you are open to learning from projects that did not go as planned

Magazine for Brilliant Failures

Nominees will be interviewed and your project will be included in the Dutch Magazine for Brilliant Failures after nomination.. This is a magazine that we publish every year, see here an example from the previous edition. We also challenge you to pitch your project during the award ceremony. There is both a jury prize and an audience prize to be won.

Curious about the possibilities?

Share your Brilliant Failure in your industry here