Paul iske (Chief Failure Officer)

Paul iske (1961) is professor of Open Innovation & Business Venturing at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. Here he is mainly concerned with service innovation and social innovation, with the specialty "Combinatoric Innovation". Paul is founder and Chief Failure Officer of the Institute for Brilliant Failures, with the aim of understanding the complexity of innovation and entrepreneurship. Paul obtained his doctorate in theoretical physics and then worked at Shell, where he primarily connected knowledge inside and outside Shell. Until 2015 he was Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO, responsible for the activities in the field of (open) innovation. Paul Iske is a speaker and consultant in the fields of creativity, innovation, intellectual capital, knowledge management and entrepreneurship. He does this both within the private and (semi-)public sector in the Netherlands- and abroad.

Bas Ruyssenaars

Bas Ruyssenaars (1970) is an innovator and entrepreneur. Bas is co-founder of The Institute for Brilliant Failures and founder of strategic office De Keuze Architecten that develops interventions for "easier choice and activation of new behavior". Bas is also the developer of the innovative sports game YOU.FO. He regularly writes for (trade)journals and performs as a speaker and inspirator. He has a background as a multimedia publisher (including. Kluwer), marketer and developer of new business concepts. He received his MA in Culture, Organization and Management at VU University Amsterdam and his Bachelor International Business at Haarlem Business School.

Guido Cornelis

Guido Cornelis (1995) studied Art and Economics at the Utrecht School of the Arts. With a good capacity for empathy, he likes to bring new insights into unwieldy and complex environments. According to him, a design process cannot be started without clarifying the question. From there it is possible to create new energy, commitment and optimism among the stakeholders involved.

Stijn Horck

Stijn Horck (1996) is pursuing his PhD at Maastricht University with the Research Center for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) and is affiliated with the Institute for Brilliant Failures for his research. His research focuses on explaining different learning processes in similar and different contexts, with the aim of describing the impact of an event on the learning capacity of an organization. Stijn obtained a Joint Master in European Health Economics and Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Universitá di Bologna, Management Center Innsbruck and the Universitetet i Oslo. In addition, Stijn was a research assistant at the University of Oxford in 2019 and contributed to research into the implementation processes of healthcare innovations.