De IvBM archetypes

We have seen many failures pass by. Often there are "universal lessons" to be learned from them; patterns or learning moments that transcend a specific experience and apply to many other innovation projects as well. Based on these patterns, we have 16 developed archetypes to help you identify and learn from failures. The archetypes also have a classifying function. All our cases are classified under one or more archetypes so that you can quickly and easily look up comparable examples.

The elephant

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The black swan

Unforeseen situations are part of the game

The wrong wallet

What is good for one person is not necessarily good for the other

The Honduras bridge

Problems do change

The empty chair

Not all relevant people become involved

The skin of the bear

Initial succes can make us think we have taken the right track

The Diver of Acapulco

Timing – What is the right time to do something?

The light bulb

Het Experiment – ‘If we knew what we are doing, we wouldn’t call it research’

general without an army

The right idea, but not the means

De canyon

Rooted patterns

The Einstein Point

Dealing with complexity

The right cerebral hemisphere

Not all decisions are the result of a rational process

From bananenschil

Accidents do happen

De junky

You have to know when to stop

The Post-it

Serendipity: to make important discoveries by coincidence

The winner takes it all

Sometimes there is only one possible solution