Workshop Brilliant Failure

What ingrained patterns appear to blocking projects in your organization? All around, but some of the stakeholders were unaware? Failure usually has important lessons. Create a learning organization with the methodology of the IvBM Archetypes. The workshop activates participants with humor and recognition to share lessons and put them into practice.

During the workshop we introduce the importance of brilliant failure; taking calculated risk, try things out, daring to fail and learning from it; increasing awareness of the importance of cooperation in a complex context; creating a climate in the organization where mistakes can be made and learned from; learning individually and as an organization from things that do not go as planned.

Tools are offered to stimulate the learning capacity from and at all levels of an organization. Working together on solutions is a continuous learning cycle of anticipation, try things out, making adjustments and reflecting.

The power of pattern recognition using our archetypes

Pattern recognition

  • Introduction with speaking Brilliant Failures and corresponding archetypes
  • Discovering common archetypes in projects or at the level of the organization or sector
  • Retrieving experiences from your own organization and linking them to archetypes

Looking back

  • Reflecting on your own experiences and collecting lessons
  • Jointly share lessons and work on failure tolerance

Collecting and interpreting experiences from the organization

Translating lessons learned into action

Looking forward

  • Draw up a plan of action for the (continued) use of all knowledge and lessons learned
  • Formulating goals and requirements
  • If necessary, make appointments for a challenge or return session

Curious about the possibilities?