Universal Declaration of the Right to Fail Brilliantly

Despite the (collective) ambition to make something beautiful out of it - and a good preparation - a project and/or activity can still go differently than planned or hoped. In many cases, no avoidable or culpable mistakes were made and the originally desired result is still not achieved. If lessons are learned and those learning experiences are shared, then we speak of a Brilliant Failure.

By signing the right to Fail Brilliantly, you acknowledge that this is the basis for psychological safety and personal and organizational evolution, and thus for being able to forgive, relativize and learn from failed attempts at both the individual and organizational level. In addition, you acknowledge that each individual and body, with this statement permanently in mind, will strive to promote appreciation of these rights and freedoms, and by progressive measures to have these rights widely and effectively recognized and applied.

Article 1

You have the right to protection of your reputation.

Article 2

You have the right to psychological security and personal evolution.

Article 3

You have the right to try.

Article 4

Everyone has the right to forgive, put into perspective and learn from failed attempts.

Article 5

The Right to Fail Brilliantly applies to whoever you are, in whatever(and every) layer or body in society.