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To stimulate reflection and actual application of learning moments, we offer tools and advice in We provide tools and advice in various forms and we give and organize lectures. View our offerings below, or contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.


The lecture is about increasing awareness of the importance of working together in a complex context, taking calculated risks, try things out, daring to fail, learning from them and "learning agility". How can the participants themselves and the organization learn from things that do not go as planned? And how can we create a climate in the organization where mistakes can be made and we can learn from them? During the lecture we actively use the Brilliant Failures Archetypes.


What ingrained patterns appear to blocking projects in your organization? All around, but some of the stakeholders were unaware? Failure usually has important lessons. Create a learning organization with the methodology of the IvBM Archetypes. The workshop activates participants with humor and recognition to share lessons and put them into practice.


A failure is only brilliant if the lessons learned are also shared. The IvBM facilitates this by organizing award ceremonies, among other things. After three editions related to development cooperation 2023 The ninth healthcare edition is now taking place. Are you interested in a Brilliant Failures award for your organization or sector? We'd love to talk to you!


Greater tolerance for failure, less fear of failure and an understanding of common mistakes can foster innovation. By gathering knowledge about failures, the Institute for Brilliant Failures aims to increase the learning capacity of people, organizations and society as a whole, and to remove barriers to new initiatives.

To facilitate knowledge sharing, the IvBM has already produced six healthcare editions of the Dutch Journal for Brilliant Failures. Interested in a magazine for your sector or organization? Please contact us.


Despite the fact that the proverbial donkey does not hit the same stone twice, unsuccessful innovations hardly ever get a second chance. Unfairly, because research shows that enterprising people who have failed once learn from their mistakes and are more successful in repeating themselves. From the analysis of your first Brilliantly Failed attempt, we explore together the possibilities for a second chance.

Knowledge- and learning environment BriMis

BriMis is the online environment for sharing learning experiences. Learn from someone else's Brilliant Failure, or upload your own project and find out what archetypal learning moments are involved. BriMis helps you learn before, during and after projects. In each phase you will find out which archetypes are relevant to you and how you can take this into account in the future.

On Brimis.nl you can easily get started yourself by creating a free account. It is also possible to use the tool in a closed environment for your organization. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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