Brilliant Failures Awards Care 2022

In March 2022 The Brilliant Failures Awards Care are awarded for the eighth time. A Brilliant Failure is a well-prepared attempt to make something happen, that has a different outcome than planned. Failures are brilliant when they are learned from and the experiences are shared with others. During the digital award ceremony, the nominated healthcare innovators shared their lessons with the public.

Award uitreiking zorg 2020

Awarding Award- Care 2020

In March 2022 the Institute for Brilliant Failures organizes the Brilliant Failures Awards Care for the eighth time. For this edition we are still looking for projects that are Brilliant Failed.

With the awarding of the Brilliant Failures Award – Care 2021 has put the importance of sharing failures on the map. This year we once again invite scientists and professionals to build on this success and contribute to transparency and innovation capacity in healthcare.. Any failed project to learn from, qualifies, whether it be examples from prevention, care, be research or practice. You can submit by sending a simple email to with an answer to the following questions:

  • What was the intention?
  • What approach has been chosen to achieve that goal?
  • What was the result? And how did that differ from what they hoped to achieve?
  • What lesson did the failure bring? And what can others learn from it?

You can also book your place for the event on 10 Book already in March by filling in the contact form below: