Corona in Kaart and Huisartsen Eemland win the Brilliant Failures Awards for Healthcare 2021

On 23 In March, the Brilliant Failures Awards for Care were presented for the seventh time. A Brilliant Failure is a well-prepared attempt to make something happen, that has a different outcome than planned. Failures are brilliant when they are learned from and the experiences are shared with others. During the digital award ceremony, the nominated healthcare innovators shared their lessons with the public.

Dianne Jaspers – General practitioners Eemland
Photo: Liesbeth Dingemans

From audience award went to the Brilliant Bust of Corona Foundation in Mapping (SCiK(the Foundation for Mapping Corona)). When corona erupted, there was little insight into the local spread of the corona virus. The SCiK therefore developed a regional data- and information platform and realized a pilot in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, it was not possible to keep the platform in the air and to roll it out nationally. The initiators hope for a restart and receive support for this from the TweedeKansenLoket of the Institute for Brilliant Failures..

From jury prize was won by general practitioner Dianne Jaspers with its initiative for digital triage at the GP post. Jaspers, former medical director of General Practitioners Eemland, saw the pressure on her GP station increasing. When she was approached by digital triage- and consultation platform Docly, she was therefore immediately enthusiastic. Unfortunately, Docly withdrew from the Dutch market during the successful pilot. Jaspers did not give up and developed an alternative platform together with Topicus and DigiDok, The jury on the winning case: “This project has a clear vision with impact for multiple stakeholders- groups (doctors and patients). It has been well thought out and a risk management analysis has been clearly done in advance and it has been determined which parties should participate. The golden lessons are widely applicable and deserve a big podium.”

The lessons of all nominees are recorded in the Magazine for Brilliant Failures, which is also published on 23 March was presented. In addition to the six cases, the magazine also contains various interviews, columns and practical tips and tools for (care)innovators. A digital version can be downloaded for free at

During the award ceremony Erik Gerritsen took, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Science and Sports, on behalf of the healthcare sector, the special healthcare version early learning system BriMis received. BriMis is an online environment for maximizing and sharing learning outcomes. The IvBM invites everyone in the healthcare sector to look at, to read the lessons of others and to share your own lessons.