The Institute of Brilliant Failures is currently working on a checklist that will give a first impression of your organisations current status with respect to cultivating a ´Brilliant Failure Culture´.

The checklist will be build around the following three key organizational development themes related to a ´brilliant Failure Attitude´: 1. Easing off the ´control button´: Control tends to surpress evolutionary, spontaneous processes. The windows of opportunity that arise are left unexplored with no option to capitalize on their potential. To counter this organizations need to examine where they could control less and navigate more. 2. Encouraging the right type of risk taking: many organizations, and employees, tend to play safe, to stay in their comfort zones. As a result they take implicitly or explicitly take at the low end of the risk-return trade off. To counter this organizations need to examine where, and what type of risk taking, they want to encourage. 3. Recognizing the value of, and learning from, failure: many organizations tend to either brush failure under the carpet or punish those responsible. In this respect the brilliant failure attitude is: ´there is no such thing as failure only feedback´. Organizations need to put processes in place to recognize the value of ´failure´ and maximize the learning from this. For more information: contact us at