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Paul Iske (1961) is Professor of Open Innovation & Business Venturing at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics. He focuses on service innovation and social innovation, with Combinatoric Innovation as his speciality. Paul is founder and Chief Failure Officer of the Institute of Brilliant Failures, with the aim of understanding the complexity of innovation and enterprise. Paul obtained his doctorate in theoretical physics and subsequently worked at Shell, where he mainly brought together knowledge inside and outside Shell. Until 2015, he was Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO, responsible for activities in the field of (open) innovation. Paul Iske is a speaker and consultant in the fields of creativity, innovation, intellectual capital, knowledge management and entrepreneurship. He does this both in the private and (semi-)public sector in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Bas Ruyssenaars (1970) is an innovator and entrepreneur. Bas is co-founder of the Institute of Brilliant Failures. Besides that he is the founder of strategic agency  The Choice Architects that develops interventions for’ easier choice and activation of new behaviour’. Bas is also the developer of the innovative sports game YOU.FO. He regularly writes for journals and magazines and acts as a speaker and inspirator. He has a background as a multimedia publisher (including Kluwer), marketer and developer of new business concepts. He obtained his MA Culture, Organisation and Management at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and his Bachelor of International Business at the Haarlem Business School.

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Florien Huizinga (1991) is a social psychologist specialized in health and behavioural change techniques. She prefers to work on devising strategies to stimulate behavioural changes within groups of people, organisations and cultures. In 2016 she obtained her Master of Science in’ Psychology of Health Behaviour’ at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to her work for the Institute of Brilliant Failures, she is part of The Choice Architects, where she works on translating behavioural theories into practical and visual applications.

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