Brilliant Failures Award Healthcare 2023

Wednesday 7 June 2023 we are already organizing the 9th edition of the Brilliant Failures Award Care. Our goal is to make it another festive and educational event with fantastic speakers on the soap box and inspiring break-out sessions with the participants. In addition, the sixth edition of the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Briljante Mislukkingen Zorg will be presented and all attendees will receive a physical copy to take home.

When innovating in healthcare (almost-)failures lead to progress. A Brilliant Failure is a well-prepared attempt to achieve something with a different outcome than planned. Failures are brilliant when they are learned from and the experiences are shared with others. We find the opportunities to learn when things go wrong or (upon success) could have gone wrong, but where that didn't happen. You can because you were lucky, but also because you consciously made the right decision, based on thinking, knowledge use, to collaborate, etc.

At the moment we are still looking for good cases. Do you know or are you someone who has had a brilliant failure in healthcare or are you working on a project where failure is imminent? Sign up below or send an email to, we are very curious about your story and who knows, maybe you will be there in June 2023 on our stage! Being nominated for the Brilliant Failures Award Care offers you a unique opportunity to share your experiences with like-minded people and a magazine publication. Below you can look back at the past event and you can already pre-register as a participant, we will keep you informed of the exact location and content of the program by e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you at the Care Award 2023!

A brilliant failure in healthcare consists of the following components:

The intention:

How useful was the initiative (in the context of healthcare innovation)?

Have you taken a risk to achieve the goal??

The preparation and approach:

Has a good preparation been made??

Didn't they make easily avoidable mistakes??

The lessons:

How valuable are the learning points from the project?

How widely applicable are the learning points for the sector?


Application case histories

Share your Brilliant Failure here

The assessment criteria

The jury selects winners based on the VIRAL formula and considers the following matters:

Vision: The extent to which the failed project is based on a detailed vision to improve care.

Effort: The extent to which people have contributed to the success of the project and to mobilize others.

Risk management: The extent to which one has succeeded in striking the right balance between avoiding unacceptable risks, but daring to take acceptable risks.

Approach: The extent to which one has prepared sight, cooperated, has used available knowledge.

To learn: The extent to which people have learned from this project themselves and the knowledge has been or can be shared with others.

Procedural criteria

Submission is before 1 March 2023 submitted via the form on this site or emailed to

Transparent and compact information about your own position and specific role in the process

Email address and telephone number of sender known

The entrant has checked with his/her organization whether the case description may be made public in the run-up to the assessment of the entries, and announcing the winners.

Submitter's motivation why this failure matters, why does it have so much added value to share (e.g. as a closing word)

From (organization of the) the petitioner has been involved in the project.

Pre-registration event

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