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In the Netherlands we rather share our success stories than our learned lessons. That’s a shame because it impedes innovation. The Institute of Brilliant Failures attempts to challenge society by facilitating and increasing accessibility to learning experience.  Since the 28th of August, 2015, the activities of the Institute of Brilliant Failures (IVBM) have been incorporated in an independent foundation. The foundation aims to promote an environment of entrepreneurship by learning to deal with risks and the evaluation of mistakes. The institute has gained extensive experience in creating more ‘fault tolerance’ and a more healthy innovation climate in complex environments.


In order to stimulate reflection and effective application of learned lessons, we offer all kinds of tools and advices. We offer workshops, lectures and customized learning pathways.

1. Instruments and advice

Learning from a failure has never been so much fun and easy! Share your learned lesson HERE.

We have developed a number of archetypes in order to help you detect and categorise failures. In addition, the archetypes are equipped with a universal lesson which helps you to easily learn from your mistake. The archetypes also have a classifying function. All our cases are categorised under one or more archetypes. Not only the universal lessons, but also comparable examples of failures will turn into lessons at a glance. View the archetypes.

We think it’s important that other organizations and business can share in your learned lessons in order not to make the same mistake(s). You can search on archetype and category in our database.

All submitted cases are analyzed and will be placed in our matrix of learned lessons. In this matrix you can find out if the learned lesson consists of problems that are easy or difficult to prevent or solve and if the solution therefore lies inside or outside its own power. In addition, you can also read at what level the learned lesson needs to be addressed; within the project or at system level (the organization). View the matrix analysis.

2. Customised guidance and courses

It is also possible to contact us for more intensive customized guidance. We organise lectures and workshops. In addition, we develop and guide tailored courses for companies, organizations and governmental institutions. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us.

You can hire us for lectures and workshops. See our calendar for an overview of all activities.

We develop and guide tailor-made Sectoral and In Company courses. These courses consist of inspirational sessions and workshops with custom-made exercises. Check out our courses.

Complex systems, such as health care, consist of multiple layers in which each one has its own tasks and interests. We organize and guide multi-stakeholder sessions in order to discuss common and important system complexities and look for appropriate solutions.
Contact us for a stakeholder session.

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