The failed merger between Wijchen and Druten

Paul Iske discusses a high-profile failure at BNR every month and what we can learn from it. Listen to the item above or read and listen at This week's topic: A merger between two municipalities that the local population did not agree with.

Emotion and history takes precedence over ratio

The Gelderland municipalities of Wijchen and Druten worked closely together and had already gone through an official merger. The city council thought it was a good plan to further expand the cooperation by means of an administrative merger. This would bring all kinds of organizational and financial benefits. However, after a while it became clear that the majority of the population did not like the plan for emotional and historical reasons and did not want to know the rational reasons for supporting the merger.. The plan was eventually canceled by the municipality of Wijchen. Wijchen has launched an investigation to learn from the failed merger and despite this failure, the municipalities continue to work together.

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