An attractive exploitation of two monumental monasteries with both a commercial objective (healthy operation at a profit) as social objectives (contribute to the self-reliance of the elderly and reintegration to the labor market, a (brood)fund for innovation and other social (care)projects).

To this end, the company De TWO Gezusters was started by me in participation and consultation with the municipality and with the owner of the monasteries., a housing association, whereby it was agreed for the benefit of the operating model that:

  1. The TWO sisters as a service would take care of the exploitation of the two monasteries through catering and facility services for the owner;
  2. the municipality would contribute to financing the social mission (Social Support Act and participation);
  3. at profit, 50% of which would be donated to establish the separate (brood)fund and 50% would benefit the holding company of De TWEe sisters (as a financial incentive to make a profit).


After verbal agreements with the municipality and the housing association, De TWEE gezusters started with the social task of stimulating self-reliance among the elderly and promoting the participation of people at a distance from the labor market.. This happened by offering a week's menu and activities for the elderly at a reasonable price. We also developed an academic trajectory that 20 people per year an opportunity to participate in work or. to increase work-related daytime activities. From an economic point of view, these activities and the exploitation of the buildings were supported by day catering, facility services for the owner and the tenants and the organization of events in the (meeting)halls.


The activities and the catering day were such a success that it was canceled in the first year 15.000 social visitors and in the second year 22.000 social visitors. The participation places were also successful. In its first year, the 20 development places to a reintegration of 6 people to the labor process and in the second year to 8 a national platform of self-investigating communities around health with about. The third year we only ran for six months and placed 3 a national platform of self-investigating communities around health with about.

Despite all the positive results, the plug had to be pulled in the third year, because the financing was not in order. We had verbal agreements with the municipality and the housing association that have not or not fully complied with. For example, we had made an agreement that De TWO sisters would receive a contribution for 10.000 menus and that the more sold menus would be compensated. However, after submitting it to the college, De TWO sisters received a decision of a maximum of 10.000 menu’s. However, we were already more than 3 operational for months in the confidence that it would work out. It also has 9 took months before the service agreement with the housing association was signed, then we were already 12 months on the road. We were able to pre-finance this from my other company. We had received a promise from the bank that the start-up losses in the start-up phase could be financed under the condition that the municipality would make a commitment for the social contribution. (Social Support Act and participation) for the coming 3 year.

After sending a letter to the stakeholders, asking to all come together and talk about the possible continuity, we have received a registration from everyone except the two responsible aldermen. After frequent contact with the policy officers and secretaries, I received an email that the municipality had decided not to compensate for the past. That was not the question and purpose of my letter and for me it was the moment that I decided to liquidate the company. I have 16 people have to fire and 20 development places ending.


  1. Oral promises are not enough. I learned how important it is to put agreements on paper before starting an assignment/company.
  2. Pay attention to what impact you make in income expulsion of the institutional organizations that 100% depends on government contribution.
  3. Forming a good and solid council of advice that can give you backing for the change and for oral agreements.

Name: Dietmar Schrijnemakers
Organization: MACOO

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