The course of action:

To create and distribute an HIV/AIDS awareness quiz via SMS with Text to Change. Text to Change relied on all prior lessons learned in the area of ICT use in emerging markets.

The result:

On the morning of the campaign launch, TTC was assigned the number 666 by the Ugandan Communications Commission, the code of the Antichrist, the devil. Concerned (Christian) parties wanted to stop the program immediately. After much ado, the number was changed to 777.

The lesson:

No matter how well you prepare, unexpected challenges dwell in dark corners.

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The Norwegian Linie Aquavit

The course of action: The concept of Linie Aquavit happened by accident in the 1800s. Aquavit (pronounced 'AH-keh'veet' and sometimes spelled "akvavit") is a potato-based liquor, flavored with caraway. Jørgen Lysholm owned a Aquavit distillery in [...]

Ice lolly

The course of action: In 1905 the 11-year old Frank Epperson decided to make himself a nice drink to combat his thirst… He carefully mixed water with soda powder (which was popular in those [...]

Confusion leads to Mars failure

The course of action: The Mars Climate Orbiter Spacecraft was due to do research on Mars. Two different teams worked on the project simultaneously from different locations. The result: The Mars Climate Orbiter Spacecraft [...]

Why failure is an option..

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