The course of action:

The secretary of our department had always had a passion for New Zealand and decided to emigrate there. Nature, rest and adventure were her most important reasons. Furthermore, she had met a nice man from Auckland during her holidays and wanted to get to know him better. She resigned, gave notice on her lease and bought a one-way ticket to Auckland. She found a job as a waitress in a fast food restaurant and a room with an English family. She enrolled in a course in fashion design.

The result:

After eight months she came back, started working for our company again and quickly became the PA to one of the managers, responsible for Oceania amongst other things. She had found New Zealand extremely beautiful, but only as a holiday destination. She missed her family and friends, and the man from Auckland had a new girlfriend rather quickly. After two bungee jumping episodes, the thrill seeking period was also over. The weather was even worse than in the Netherlands! Despite this, she enjoyed it and the people from New Zealand have a place in her heart forever.

The lesson:

Before she left she said: “I would rather regret things I have done, rather than regret things I haven’t done!”
Afterwards, the experience had a positive effect on her career and her personal situation.

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Paul iske


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